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Real Info News is a purely non-profitable project made and maintained solely by team of enthusiasts concerned and focused on presenting an alternate view of the events that daily unfold near and far from us. The advanced technological era we live in, has granted us nearly unlimited opportunities and ways to connect to almost every corner of the world. Sadly, the world governments and their media outlets, now more than ever before, have taken up the entire informative space, offering only their view, restricting our possibility of objectivity and rightful judgment. There is far too much “dirty play” from the mass media that attempts to hide the real truth behind the causes that provoke the various conflicts facing the world today. They create a false image of a fictitious enemy, steer public opinion, and engineer the consent of people in different countries by controlling the narrative of events.

Photo: Colin Powell holding the proof of what was to become the biggest lie in human history.

Modern information warfare compels the majority of mass media to follow a specific establishment line. These “independent” sources pursue their respective sponsor’s aims. CNN’s fake newscast from the First Gulf War shocked the world, when a correspondent who was said to be reporting in the Desert Storm conflict was in fact using a fake backdrop, apparently from a studio set. The BBC has also been caught staging fake news about Syria to justify military intervention, and numerous other examples are occurring every single day.

This is where we hop in with a purpose not to force or implant our understanding and opinion of the events upon you, the lone reader. We leave that to your judgment. Our only purpose is to present you the facts and the perspective from the sides you will never get to hear nor see on the mainstream media. From our domestic theater, to the crises on the international arena we offer you the voice of the unheard. Which means you will get to see issues from the United States, Russia, Syria, Iran and all other dark spots, in a light you will never be presented on the mainstream media.

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