How to Choose a Sportsbook


When choosing a Sportsbook, consider the types of bets you’ll make. Most sports bettors are not sharps, but armchair sports fans who enjoy watching their favorite games and betting on them. For these bettors, high limits are less of a concern. Instead, you should look for a signup bonus, easy credit card deposits, and an array of prop bets. As you research the different sportsbooks, consider their signup bonuses and features.

Parlay bets

If you like to bet on multiple sports events, you may want to consider placing sportsbook parlay bets. These bets combine several outcomes in one wager. The best sportsbooks offer multiple bets, including parlays. Parlays are great for people who like to gamble on several sports at one time, and are great opportunities to multiply winnings. Listed below are several types of sportsbook parlay bets and their odds.

Point spread bets

Point spread bets at Sportsbook are among the most popular ways to place wagers on games. Because they are based on point spreads, they come with certain rules. For instance, some sportsbooks allow only half-point spreads, which can turn losses into pushes. Point spread bets at Sportsbook are a great way to take advantage of higher payouts for betting on games. Here are some of the advantages of this type of wager.

Futures bets

Many new sports bettors like futures bets because they come with plus-money returns. Unlike individual wagers, futures bets require less research and only one look at the future odds. In addition, futures bets are a more secure bet than individual wagers, and you don’t have to worry about losing a bet because the odds may change. The same goes for NFL, NBA, and college basketball futures.


You’ve probably heard of the concept of sportsbook geolocation before. It works by pinpointing a user’s location to determine whether or not they can legally place a bet. For example, if a user downloaded a sports betting app in Indiana and completed the registration process, but then traveled to another state where sports betting is illegal, he or she would be blocked from placing bets. Sportsbook geolocation blocks bets from users in these situations. In addition to restricting betting from players in illegal jurisdictions, DraftKings and other popular sportsbooks will also block the player’s account from placing bets.

Rollover rates

Before you can start wagering real money on sports, you need to understand rollover rates at sportsbooks. Rollover requirements vary widely among sportsbooks, and many hide them deep within the terms and conditions. In the beginning, you may not even realize you need to meet these requirements until you make a large deposit. To avoid having to face these problems, try to find sportsbooks that have a low rollover rate. Some of the best places to find them are PointsBet and BetFair. PointsBet has a very low rollover rate, requiring customers to wager $100 twelve times before they can cash out. However, many offshore sportsbooks have high rollover rates.

VIP programs

Some sportsbooks offer VIP programs tied to loyalty programs that can be useful for high rollers or those who bet frequently but can’t justify the expense. While these programs are useful, they can also drain your wallet. To get the most out of your VIP status, be sure to compare rates of different sportsbooks. VIP programs differ from one another, and some even pretend they don’t exist. For example, some offer only cashback, while others offer a higher percentage of cash back.